Medicinal Plants and Spiritual Evolution with David Crow

Dear All,

We’re used to thinking of plants as “things” rather than living, sentient beings that are connected in profound ways to the health of our bodies, minds and souls.

But what if plants — with all their health-giving effects and amazing diversity of expression — hold the key not just to our health but to our spiritual evolution?

This idea is not as new as you might think, as it’s been part of ancient systems of natural medicine from Ayurveda to Chinese medicine. Plants affect our life force and connect us physically with the raw energy of the sun.

The fascinating and powerful relationship between plants and spiritual evolution is the passion of Floracopeia founder David Crow, who is brilliant on this subject.

I am excited to invite you to a FREE virtual event with David called, How Medicinal Plants Can Fuel Your Spiritual Evolution: Essential Insights that Unify Natural Medicine, Ecology & Spirituality.

You’ll need to RSVP for your space here:

If you’ve ever marveled at the peaceful beauty of a garden or been grateful for a herb that brought you healing or wondered how to harness the power of essential oils, you’ll be excited by David’s insights into the plant-human connection.  

During this virtual event, you’ll:

  • Learn about body-based awareness exercises that will allow you to perceive plant intelligence more deeply.
  • Relate to medicinal plants in a more meditative way to connect with their essence.
  • Discover breath practices to open a stronger energetic relationship with plants.

For more than 30 years, David Crow has pioneered a path that is about harnessing the power of plants to infuse more intelligence in your body, mind and soul — giving you a more organic wisdom and sustainable connection with life.

He unifies wisdom from many streams of healing practices into a coherent understanding that will show you how to relate more deeply with medicinal plants for rejuvenation, awakening and health.

And as I mentioned, the great news is that this virtual event is free! Register here:

Betterment Health

PS – In How Medicinal Plants Can Fuel Your Spiritual Evolution: Essential Insights that Unify Natural Medicine, Ecology & Spirituality, David Crow will help you understand plants in a more multi-dimensional way, so you can harmonize your bodily systems, heal old traumas and experience a more dynamic relationship with life force within and around you.

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The Answer to Cancer Documentary Series

People all over the world face a diagnosis of cancer every year, leaving them in the hands of doctors that curate a plan that may even save their life. Many researchers have worked to find ways to cure this disease, but a new nine-part video documentary series called The Answer to Cancer may introduce new options of treatment to the public.

What is The Answer to Cancer?

Hosted by Dr. Patrick Gentempo, The Answer To Cancer focuses on showing consumers the latest treatments that the medical community has to offer to destroy cancer cells. And unlike treatments that have come out on the market in recent years, these methods won’t put the patients at risk for damage like before. As viewers go through this content, they’ll learn about ways to prevent cancer, as well as the natural and alternative options for treatment that are effective.

The entire program is divided into nine episodes, and broadly cover the way that treatment impacts longevity, as well as the ways that these treatments can be improved. Multiple speakers will discuss their own experiences with the disease, along with their emotions and life changes. The event will feature Fran Drescher, Jeff Hays, and many non-celebrities about their experiences with the alternative methods as well.

By describing the two sides to staying healthy against cancer – prevention and treatment – consumers will be better prepared if they or their loved ones are diagnosed with it.

How to Watch The Answer to Cancer

Exclusively available online, the only thing that any hopeful attendee has to do is register. They’ll need to include their first name and their email address to register, which confirms a virtual seat at the event. While it will not premiere until August 4th at 9:00 pm EST, this series can be shared with others via Facebook.

Through the course of the week, a new episode will be posted at the same time every night, starting with Episode 1: Profound Personal Discoveries and Breakthroughs. Other episodes, in order, include:

  • Refusal to Let Cancer Win
  • Alternative Methods for You & Your Loved Ones
  • Going All Natural & The Power of Plants
  • Deep Cellular Healing
  • Combining Holistic & Conventional Methods
  • Advanced Scientific Protocols
  • Accelerated Healing
  • Finding Your Answers to Cancer

Users won’t have to remember which episodes are posted at any time, because the registration automatically signs them up for updates and reminders.

The Answer to Cancer (TACT) Episode Lineup

  • EPISODE #1: Profound Personal Discoveries & Breakthroughs
  • EPISODE #2: Refuse To Let Cancer Win
  • EPISODE #3: Alternative Methods For You & Your Loved Ones
  • EPISODE #4: Going All Natural & The Power Of Plants
  • EPISODE #5: Deep Cellular Healing
  • EPISODE #6: Combining Holistic & Conventional Methods
  • EPISODE #7: Advanced Scientific Protocols
  • EPISODE #8: Accelerated Healing
  • EPISODE #9: Finding Your Answers To Cancer

Final Thoughts

The Answer to Cancer offers a compilation of personal experiences, treatment options, and preventative methods to consumers without having to pay a dime. Though there are many different circumstances that someone can have to handle in their health, knowing what to do when faced with cancer can make the difference between life or death and that is what the TACT documentary series intends to do.

Consumers are encouraged to spread the word and provide the link to this event to other consumers to bring more awareness of the way that this research may benefit them. Users can look for their confirmation and for more information about this event in their email inbox after registration. Those who believe they are victims of this terrible disease should speak with their doctor as soon as possible.

For more information on how to prevent, treat and conquer cancer, watch the 9-Part Documentary Series, The Answer to Cancer. to see if Revealed Films TACT docuseries can deliver the best of both worlds.

Unleash your appetite for change on Eat for Good Day

Key to this ambition is the launch of World Eat for Good Day on 19 February.

Many of us want to eat foods that are good for us and good for the planet but find it hard to know what changes to make or where to start. World Eat for Good Day aims to unleash that inner ‘Eativist’ hidden in us all. It promises to be a day packed with new recipes and smart ingredient swaps that make taking action easier than you think.

‘It’s time to banish mealtime monotony for the betterment of ourselves and the planet,’ says Dorothy Shaver, registered dietitian and Global Marketing Sustainability Lead for Knorr. ‘We can eat our way to a better food future. On World Eat for Good Day we want to show people how, by inspiring them to swap their traditional ingredients for Knorr and WWF’s Future 50 Foods.’

These 50 nutritious plant-based ingredients have been selected by Knorr, WWF, scientists, chefs, nutritionists and agricultural experts based on their nutritional value and relatively lower impact on the environment.

Knorr’s ask on 19 February and beyond is as simple as it is flavourful: take action to change the world by changing what’s on your plate.

Chef and foodie influencers around the globe – including Netflix’s Restaurants on the Edge chef Dennis Prescott – will be sharing and demonstrating recipes on their social feeds and asking everyone to swap at least one ingredient in their routine meals each week for a Future 50 Food, with help from the flavours on offer in Knorr’s range of products.

Knorr’s Instagram and Facebook pages will be a part of the day, hosting fun polls and quizzes packed with good food foodie facts. To mark the occasion further, Hasbro Inc’s iconic MR. POTATO HEAD will make a costume swap into Cilembu sweet potato to show people everywhere how easy it is change ingredients and add a Future 50 Food to their plates. Check out more

Third Shot May Be Needed to Combat Coronavirus Variants

With more than 40 million Americans having received at least the first dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, a third dose may be needed to prevent the spread of new variants of the disease, Bill Gates told CBS News Tuesday.

Gates’ comments come amid growing concern that the current vaccines are not effective against the more contagious Brazilian and South African variants.

Pfizer and Moderna have stated that their vaccines are 95% and 99% effective, respectively, against the initial strain of COVID. However, some scientists have questioned those statements. Additionally, the World Health Organization and vaccine companies have conceded that the vaccines do not prevent people from being infected with COVID or from transmitting it, but are only effective at reducing symptoms.

Gates told CBS Evening News:

“The discussion now is do we just need to get a super high coverage of the current vaccine, or do we need a third dose that’s just the same, or do we need a modified vaccine?”

U.S. vaccine companies are looking at making modifications, which Gates refers to as “tuning.”

People who have had two shots may need to get a third shot and people who have not yet been vaccinated would need the modified vaccine, explained Gates. When asked whether the coronavirus vaccine would be similar to the flu vaccine, which requires yearly boosters, Gates couldn’t rule that out. Until the virus is eradicated from all humans, Gates said, additional shots may be needed in the future.

“AstraZeneca in particular has a challenge with the variant,” Gates explained. “And the other two, Johnson & Johnson and Novavax, are slightly less effective, but still effective enough that we absolutely should get them out as fast as we can while we study this idea of tuning the vaccine.”

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is funding the studies being conducted in Brazil and South Africa, CBS News said. The foundation has also invested in the AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and the Novavax vaccines, which are being tested against new variants. Once the AstraZeneca vaccine is approved, the Global Alliance for Vaccine Initiative or GAVI, founded by Gates, will distribute it globally.

“Gates continues to move the goalposts,” said Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., chairman and chief legal counsel of Children’s Health Defense. “Meanwhile the strategies he and others have promoted are obliterating the global economy, demolishing the middle class, making the rich richer and censoring vaccine safety advocates, like me.”

Kennedy said that the exclusive focus on vaccines has prevented the kind of progress required to actually address and recover from the pandemic:

“From the pandemic’s outset, clear-headed people familiar with the challenges inherent in the vaccine model have understood that the path out of crisis would require multiple steps. Those steps would need to include the development and/or identification of therapeutic drugs, the sharing of information among doctors to hone improved treatment models that reduce infection mortality rates below those for flu, and the kind of broad-spectrum long-term herd immunity that protects against mutant strains and that only derives from natural infection.”

Instead, Gates and vaccine makers are proposing a lifetime of boosters, supporting insufficient testing to determine safety and failing to address the inadequate monitoring of vaccine injuries, Kennedy said.

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“Judas and the Black Messiah”

I’m begging people to see this movie as a moral text. Not just something to observe but something to live by. To reject the individualism that O’Neill favored by sacrificing his friends for his own betterment and instead embrace the collectivism that the Party stood for. I struggle with the push and pull between wanting to decentralize the viewer, to focus on what the art is trying to say rather than always looking for something to relate to. Then again, seeing this as only relevant to the ’60s would be like looking at Japanese kaiju films as monster movies and not reactions to nuclear warfare. 

Art is about connection. When I read the ten-point program or watch videos of Kathleen Cleaver talking about her natural hair, I can’t help but feel like they’re speaking across time. You can’t view this as a race-blind story of betrayal. O’Neill did what he did because he felt like he had no other option as a Black man in America. Not some new idea of Trump’s America but the America that has always existed to maintain a plutocracy. 

I wonder how producer Ryan Coogler felt doing this film after “Black Panther,” arguably one of the performative expressions of Black pride, that Hampton himself calls out in a scene where he says, “That dashiki ain’t gon’ help you when they come in here with them tanks.” Does he know that giving Disney all that cash made him a part of the capitalist machine? Does he know that Disney is a part of the reason why stories like Fred Hampton’s are suppressed in favor of whatever movie makes the most money or can at least be paid for by the U.S. military?

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The Levelnaut Company

The world is changing rapidly today. Lamentably, this isn’t going to improve things. We are talking about biology, yet additionally about what occurs in regular daily existence. Conditions are creating so that it is now hard to accept in fundamental pay, however even in conventional benefits or some other social projects. Considering the way that the populace is quickly developing, and the assets on the planet are turning out to be less and less, numerous worldwide issues emerge.

We can’t change the world, it is in the force of others, however we can adjust our perspective, our way of life and our propensities. One of these propensities is the conviction that there is some sort of “enchantment project” on the Web, wherein you can tackle every one of your issues. Along these lines, numerous unpleasant circumstances happen, there are enormous misfortunes and regularly frustration comes.

Levelnaut organization – is a local area of individuals who represent perfect togetherness very much the same way – preparing and sharing data about online business. What one individual can’t do, should be possible by a gathering of similar individuals who work in a similar data field. In view of the possibility that in the present life the main issues are Cash, Well being and Information, we chose to painstakingly choose projects that permit us to build up a business in these regions.

Evergreen Affiliate Dashboard for Healthy Brain

This is a 6-week evergreen course that teaches how to adopt a brain-healthy lifestyle. Hosted by Ocean Robbins and taught by renowned neurologists Dean and Ayesha Sherzai, MD, (affectionately known as Team Sherzai), the course teaches the brilliant NEURO (Nutrition, Exercise, Unwind, Restorative sleep, and Optimize) system that is the centerpiece of Team Sherzai’s work.

The funnel starts with a free “Brain Breakthroughs” Masterclass that teaches four myths that are fueling the Alzheimer’s tsunami, and 10 brain health breakthroughs that could save millions of lives and trillions of dollars. This leads to a special offer to purchase the course for $247 and then, later in the journey, $297 and $497. Registrants who opt-in will join the lists of both Food Revolution Network and Team Sherzai.

The bottom line: Promoting this totally free (and life-changing) Masterclass could be a great revenue source for you and YOUR mission!

health education

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After successful sign up, you have the opportunity to access the database of MLM Gateway members, choose suitable partners based on your selected criteria and send them a request for partnership. Other members may simultaneously contact you. Our member contact information is not published in the database and each member may address another member only once. This protects members from repeatedly receiving the same offer.MLM Gateway offers an opportunity to meet great MLM leads, active in network marketing, thereby obtaining the valuable contact information so essential to this type of business activity. MLM genealogy leads fully understand the concept of network marketing and direct sales. Use of the MLM Gateway is free! Want to know more? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. And please regularly check out our MLM Blog for tips on building a successful network marketing business.

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Nursing Our Way to Better Health

David Cutler, PhD

Article Information

Nurses have always been on the front lines of health care provision. Increasingly, they are on the front lines of health care reform. Almost all of the ideas put forward for US health care reform, from reducing treatment costs to improving patient safety to moving care into the community, involve a significant role for nurses.

There are real questions, however, about whether the economics will support the needed nursing care. Done right, nursing can be the lynchpin for a better, cheaper, health system. But if we make the same mistakes with nurses as we did with physicians, we will have wasted another shot at health care improvement.

The outlook for nursing is strong. Between 2008 and 2018, nursing employment grew by 1.7% annually, well above the 0.7% annual growth rate of the economy as a whole. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that this will continue over the next decade. In many industries, the worry is about downsizing. In contrast, nursing leaders worry that we will face a nursing shortage. Fortunately, nursing supply is now expanding rapidly, and the fact that nurses can be trained more rapidly than physicians makes any shortage is likely to be short-lived.

It is not hard to figure out why nurses are in such demand. The population is aging and developing more chronic disease. Studies show that hospitals with a higher nurse-to-patient ratio have better patient outcomes. And the alternatives to nurses are more expensive. A nurse costs just more than $1 per minute, whereas primary care physicians cost about $3 per minute and a surgeon costs about $6 per minute. Any service that can be provided by a nurse instead of a physician should be reallocated to the nurse.

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The BettermentHealth of Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

There is a way to overcome anxiety and depression for the betterment of your health. Today is your day. It has a lot to do with your gut. It has lot to do with what you consume. All the answers has been revealed to you here. She who was once a victim is now the Leader and Master of all the answers. Many people has listened to it and many are amazed by it. It is great and full of very important information.

It is amazing to know how the gut and the brain are connected. You must be aware of the gut feeling. Have you ever had butterflies in your stomach? The Gut-Brain Axis is the communication between your gut and your brain. This program explain the brain-axis with the diet that supplement its health.

You also need to know what leaky gut does to your brain.

I know people with anxiety and depression. I also believe they have special skills and talent that can be Unlocked. Only if they know they Secret of the Gut-Brain Axis.

FREE Viewing of this Incredible 9-Part Masterclass Series. Do not Miss it.