Puma fredy Quispe Singona

Yana Puma

Stated from Puma Adventures Peru

Fredy Quispe Singona Puma was trained by his grandfather Don Maximo in the Mastery of Andean Ceremonies and rituals. As a Spiritual leader both in his own community of Chinchero, International gatherings and Spiritual Journeys he has a passion for the teachings of his people, and a profound respect for the Global awakening Human Consciousness. He has attented and Facilitated Numerous International gatherings of Spiritual Leaders and Young Leaders with YES Youth for Environmental Sanity. He is recognized globally as a holder of ancient lineage and wisdom with the power to inspire people in his special heartfelt way to connect with the reverence and love he brings for Pachamama Mother Earth and the mountain spirits Apus that safeguard The Andean People. He is a Co-founder of Cusi Huayna, a youth group focused on re-strengthening the community through the remembrance of traditional dance, story and songs.

Puma has a natural ability to connect with Ancestral forces and Natural Elementals that assist him in his Global healing path. He sees everyone as a Global family and we are only healing ourselves while healing our family. As Tour Guide to the natural wonders and sacred sites of Peru and the Qechua world He has an unshakeable certainty about the traditions and Values of the Ancient Andean Cultures.


The name Quispe is girl’s name meaning “free”. This would make an interesting South American heritage choice. One famous bearer was Quispe Sisa, an Inca princess in the 16th century. It is also a surname. from nameberry

Yana Puma

The yana puma (Quecha: “black mountain lion”) is a cryptid felid reported from the forested central mountains of Peru by Peter Hocking. It is described as being twice the size of a jaguar and entirely black, with large greenish eyes. It is nocturnal, and is said to only attack humans during the night. It also roars.

Pumas In Peru

Of course! Peru is one of the places in the world were pumas are endemic or indigenous, its possible they are found in the Amazon or in Peru’s coast but their true territory is the Andes and Peru may be the country with the largest portion of the Andes inside its territory (I say “may be” because I don’t know what percentage of the Andes is located in Argentina and Chile which, being long countries, may have a good portion of the Andes themselves) and it may be the country with the largest population of pumas worldwide (but to be fair, these are somewhat larger than the pumas of the US if I recall correctly, either a different subspecies or a different species) Stated Gianfranco from Quora

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