An Affiliate Marketing Network That Changes my life.

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The more platforms you can showcase your website on the better it is for you. Always remember that. What do you want to showcase? Ans: 5BillionSales

How to get a side job? Where is your side hustle stack?

There are many affiliate marketing networks out there that you can make money from. Like most of them, you get to sign up or register and after that, they give you your affiliate link right away.

They even advised you to share your affiliate link on your media social accounts where it might get more exposure for the potential customers to see and click on it. Some people will share the affiliate link on their instagram account. From there, if anyone clicks on the link and buys the product, they get commission out of it. 

Affiliate marketing is not tough if you are already prepared or have a community that has already been built with k’s of followers or customers to buy your products. The more exposure your affiliate link gets, the more people will see it. When more people see it, there might be a great chance for them to click on it and get engaged in buying your product. But what if you aren’t prepared and don’t have a large community in which to distribute the affiliate link, such as a Facebook group or an Instagram page?

Have you ever heard of email marketing compaign? I bet you have, but maybe you do not know what it is. Concider this. You have a platform that you can use to send your affiliate link through email to your customers or any potential emails that you can come across. There are many platforms that you can use online, but you will have to pay for them in order for you not to get restricted. If you use your Google mail account, sooner or later Google might penalise you for that. If you use your instagram account to send your affiliate link through messages, Instagram might again penalise you for that. But there is a way to do it through instagram messages. I usually put my affiliate link at the bottom of all the messages I send or reply on instagram. In other words, I use my affiliate link as a signature at the bottom of every message I send.

Email marketing is currently the most effective method for publicizing your affiliate link. Believe me, I have been there, and done that. It works.

I have been sending emails for three years now. I have been doing that through only one legitimate platform. I have been using this platform for three years and I am receiving my affiliate commission through bank transfer. For every new member I refer to on this platform, I get 10 credits as a reward. I also earn up to 50% lifetime commission from their purchases. 

I am doing this through that platform Referral ProgramThis Referral Program allows me to send Personal Invitations to anyone via their email address. When I started using this platform, I usually send emails on the platform until I get blocked. In other words, until I reached the sending limit. But guess what? After nearly two days, the system was unblocked, and I was able to use it again.This time I became more cautious about my niche. I decided to choose emails that I think are most relevant to what I am offering for businesses or people to sign up.

I did that by searching for emails on instagram profile or websites. That’s it. Everyday I send about 30 emails. Only 30. I made it a commitment whenever I’m free everyday to send 30 to 40 emails to anyone that I think will sign up on my affiliate link. I get to study the platform. I also study what type of members are more interested in its premium packages so that I get the commission whenever they decide to upgrade their accounts. 

You need to study the pattern in every marketing network. Study the pattern in a sense of which country has more potential buyers? From which states? What are they interested in? 

It took me almost three years to get what I wanted. And now I am earning about 1800USD monthly. There are many people earning more than me too.

whatever you do in life. Dont rush about it. Take your time and do it better each day. Study your field and get to understand it, in order to tackle all the advantages. And remember, everything takes time. Be patience always.

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Have you ever heard of 5BillionSales?

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7 thoughts on “An Affiliate Marketing Network That Changes my life.

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    What is the Secret Email System?
    The Secret Email System is a counterintuitive approach to creating an running an online business, specifically the freedom life-style business model, that allows you to build a sustainable and profitable long term business that gives you the freedom, fun and adventure.

    We achieve this by creating a “business machine” that works for you 24/7 where your only job is to oversee the system, not to create products, services where you have to chase new clients or deliver to them.

    And as a result…this free’s you up to live and enjoy your life while the business works for you – this is the Secret Email System.

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