The Answer to Cancer Documentary Series

How to cure cancer?

Cancer Treatment and Prevention

People all over the world face a diagnosis of cancer every year, leaving them in the hands of doctors that curate a plan that may even save their life. Many researchers have worked to find ways to cure this disease, but a new nine-part video documentary series called The Answer to Cancer may introduce new options of treatment to the public.

What is The Answer to Cancer?

Hosted by Dr. Patrick Gentempo, The Answer To Cancer focuses on showing consumers the latest treatments that the medical community has to offer to destroy cancer cells. And unlike treatments that have come out on the market in recent years, these methods won’t put the patients at risk for damage like before. As viewers go through this content, they’ll learn about ways to prevent cancer, as well as the natural and alternative options for treatment that are effective.

The entire program is divided into nine episodes, and broadly cover the way that treatment impacts longevity, as well as the ways that these treatments can be improved. Multiple speakers will discuss their own experiences with the disease, along with their emotions and life changes. The event will feature Fran Drescher, Jeff Hays, and many non-celebrities about their experiences with the alternative methods as well.

By describing the two sides to staying healthy against cancer – prevention and treatment – consumers will be better prepared if they or their loved ones are diagnosed with it.

How to Watch The Answer to Cancer

Exclusively available online, the only thing that any hopeful attendee has to do is register. They’ll need to include their first name and their email address to register, which confirms a virtual seat at the event. While it will not premiere until August 4th at 9:00 pm EST, this series can be shared with others via Facebook.

Through the course of the week, a new episode will be posted at the same time every night, starting with Episode 1: Profound Personal Discoveries and Breakthroughs. Other episodes, in order, include:

  • Refusal to Let Cancer Win
  • Alternative Methods for You & Your Loved Ones
  • Going All Natural & The Power of Plants
  • Deep Cellular Healing
  • Combining Holistic & Conventional Methods
  • Advanced Scientific Protocols
  • Accelerated Healing
  • Finding Your Answers to Cancer

Users won’t have to remember which episodes are posted at any time, because the registration automatically signs them up for updates and reminders.

The Answer to Cancer (TACT) Episode Lineup

  • EPISODE #1: Profound Personal Discoveries & Breakthroughs
  • EPISODE #2: Refuse To Let Cancer Win
  • EPISODE #3: Alternative Methods For You & Your Loved Ones
  • EPISODE #4: Going All Natural & The Power Of Plants
  • EPISODE #5: Deep Cellular Healing
  • EPISODE #6: Combining Holistic & Conventional Methods
  • EPISODE #7: Advanced Scientific Protocols
  • EPISODE #8: Accelerated Healing
  • EPISODE #9: Finding Your Answers To Cancer

Final Thoughts

The Answer to Cancer offers a compilation of personal experiences, treatment options, and preventative methods to consumers without having to pay a dime. Though there are many different circumstances that someone can have to handle in their health, knowing what to do when faced with cancer can make the difference between life or death and that is what the TACT documentary series intends to do.

Consumers are encouraged to spread the word and provide the link to this event to other consumers to bring more awareness of the way that this research may benefit them. Users can look for their confirmation and for more information about this event in their email inbox after registration. Those who believe they are victims of this terrible disease should speak with their doctor as soon as possible.

For more information on how to prevent, treat and conquer cancer, watch the 9-Part Documentary Series, The Answer to Cancer. to see if Revealed Films TACT docuseries can deliver the best of both worlds.

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