Man hurls insults at Angel Supermart employee over alcohol: ‘I’m S’porean, don’t talk about mask

covid idiot

A man who was not wearing a mask caused a scene at Angel Supermart on Sunday (Jan 3) after his request to exchange two bottles of alcohol for another brand of liquor was denied.

The incident took place at the outlet at 37 Miltonia Close, which is located in the premises of Skies Miltonia condominium, at about 4.30am.

A video of what happened was uploaded to Angel Supermart’s Facebook page, after Daniel, who is the boss of the store, felt frustrated at how his employee was being treated.

Daniel told Stomp that the customer came in during the wee hours of the night to exchange his bottles of alcohol for another brand of liquor.

However, Daniel explained that such exchanges cannot be done, especially since the items are bottles of liqour and the sale of alcohol is prohibited after 10.30pm.

When the employee tried to explain the situation to the customer, the latter got agitated and did not hold back on the insults.

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